Driving Outline

The Safeway Driving School

Practical Driving Course Outline

The practical driving course will consists of 6 sessions with each session consisting of 1 hour

Topics to be covered per session:

Sessions 1 and 2:

· Survey of students driving experiences that would include their strengths, weaknesses, and uncomfortable situations.

· Vehicle orientation that will include but not limited to:

General inspection of car exterior (tires, lights, mirrors, fluid check, etc.)

General car overview that include location of all major vehicle safety features (ie. mirrors, lights, wipers, hazard controls, hood and trunk release, etc.)

· Quick driving experience, preferably in large parking lot to quickly evaluate and discover any student shortcomings (in some instances rural roads and/or open highways may be used)

· Pedestrian and railroad crossings

· Signaling and proper speed control

· Rural and open highway driving

Including but not limited to:

Braking and steering techniques on open rural roads

Unmarked roadways

Narrow bridges and roadways

School zones

School buses (proper procedure for approaching, stopping, and students leaving the bus.

During school seeking out buses, in summer more oral discussion due to lack of transportation)

Farms (SMV procedures)

· City and urban driving

Including but not limited to:



Crosswalks and intersection

Parking (mostly angle and perpendicular parking)

Sessions 3 and 4:

Any skills and or procedures that were either not covered of need to be reviewed from session 1 (upon instructor’s discretion)

· Parallel parking

· Highway entrance and exit

· Proper approach, passing, and driving with large trucks

· Adjust speeds, change lanes, and correctly use signals while maneuvering on a selected route designated as open highway.

· Review of skills from previous lessons.

Sessions 5 and 6 :

· Review of all skills from previous sessions

· Completion of 3 successful parallel parking unassisted by instructor

· Major interstate driving with skills from Session 2 (routes will include but not limited to routes 248 & 22).

· If possible finding construction areas and driving through (more active in summer )

· Review of general maintenance of fluid levels and proper procedure of tire change (time permitting)

· Any other skills the instructor feels are needed for each student.

· General review of all skills with a minimum of driving on all types of roadways for a minimum of 45 minutes.

o This will include, but not limited to, rural driving, highway driving, parking lots, parking in as many types of situations as possible, entering and exiting highways while stressing proper braking, steering, and maneuvering techniques and review if bus and large truck safety.

** At all times the discussion and interpretation of road signs and markings will be discussed**

** This is just an overview of what the average students may expect. Adjustments to the sessions may occur according to student’s skills, needs, and amount of time used for previous lessons/skills. Also, the order may vary.**